Supporting group-centered initiatives & events in the Greater Watertown Area

OUR MISSION IS To be a force multiplier that supports and endorses educational events & programs, individual group members’ community projects & local economic efforts in order to positively impact the residents & businesses of Watertown


As a local, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, YES! Watertown is continually striving to find ways to engage you, and to help us all discover new ways to engage and develop our wonderful community.

YES! Watertown was founded in September 2010 by a group of local individuals, many of whom were already actively engaged in the community, as a way to collaborate in an open environment and imagine what can be, that isn’t already being done.  Along with that idea, these individuals were looking for new ways to multiply the force of one individual with an idea, into the force of many.  This idea is built upon the foundation that many voices joined together are more effective than one voice, when spreading the message of new events and initiatives within our fine community.

Over the years, YES! Watertown as an organization and its’ members individually, have worked to champion and promote a number of events and causes throughout the area.  YES! Watertown has a variety of areas of action and contribution over the years for one simple reason:  needs and causes continually change in the city around us.  As a group we aim to be flexible, and adapt & collaborate towards accomplishing objectives and sharing ideas in an ever-changing world with a pro-active and positive mindset.

As members of YES! Watertown, our aim is to live out this message. Please see some examples and a short summary of current & prior events and causes located on our “Events” tab. 

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